Thanksgiving Russian Lifeline Prayer Letter, 2016

Dear Friends and Loved Ones,
Grace and Peace be multiplied to you!

Attached is our Thanksgiving Russian Lifeline Prayer Letter. We have met with the new President-elect of FEA Ministries, Harold Martin, and he has assured us that the Board that 0versees the operations of our mission has approved for us to continue as representatives of Hope International Missions for Russia. We have a permanent residence here on the campus of Hobe Sound Bible College and Church (a.k.a. Sea Breeze Community), but we are planning to return to Russia next spring as soon as the snow melts. Our friends in Vyborg tell us that there is already deep snow there (it began on the 25th of October), which is the earliest snowfall in many years.

We have more encouraging news from the Christian Center. There are now eight more volunteers working in the ministry of correspondence with prisoners all across Russia. This means that there are twelve or thirteen Christians helping with this evangelistic outreach!

Thank you again for your faithful prayers and encouragement for our ministries in Russia. Little did we dream when we left Bar Nunn, Wyoming, more than 23 years ago that we would be continuing the mission there this long. We are only able to continue by the grace of God! To God be the glory!

Yours in HIM,
Richard & Judy 

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