Latest Russian Lifeline Prayer Letter, Jule 2016

Dear Friends and Loved Ones,
Greetings in Jesus’ amazing, unfailing Love from Central Finland! Attached is our latest Russian Lifeline Prayer Letter that explains why we have had to leave Russia.  We were not planning to leave, but the events of last Thursday, 7/7/2016, made it clear that we should pray about this.  After consulting with the leaders of our mission in Florida, and much prayerful consideration, we left early on Monday morning for Finland.

We are now living safely in a rural village in Finland where there has never been a train wreck, never any airplane crashes, never any terrorist attacks, and no great floods or hurricanes.  J  Here we will be waiting on the Lord to decide what the next step will be.  We are leaving the decisions about the future of the Center entirely in the hands of our Russian leaders.

All for Jesus,
Richard & Judy Grout


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