Russian Lifeline Prayer Letter, May 2015

Dear Friends and Loved Ones, Grace and Peace be multiplied to you all! 
Here is a new Russian Lifeline Prayer Letter for you.

Although it appears short and simple, behind it were many weeks of meetings, both large and small, and months of waiting for the final approval of the legal procedures necessary for securing our property and carrying on the ministriesof Vyborg Christian Center according to the principles we began with 22 years ago.
Everything is on track for continuing our ministries here in Russia.  In both America and Russia, the mailing ministries are in a huge transition from the technologies of the 20th Century to the technologies of the 21st Century.  We are carrying on the tradition of Hope International Missions to reach the most people in the most effective way and in the most  cost-effective way as well!

All because of HIS Amazing Love and Grace,
Richard & Judy Grout

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