The Voice of the Martyrs

Sunday Bombings

In northern Nigeria, radical Muslims of the Boko Haram sect have chosen Sunday as their favored day for bombing churches.

“We attacked simply because it’s a church, and we can decide to attack any other church. We have just started.” -Boko Haram spokesperson in a UPI interview

Many Christians have been martyred in Nigeria, including church leaders, the elderly and even children in Sunday school classes. While some want to retaliate against their Muslim attackers, many Christian leaders urge prayer as the best recourse.

VOM has intensified its work in Nigeria because of the attacks, providing additional medical assistance, aid to families of martyrs and care for orphaned children in the aftermath of the attacks.

The Stephen Center, a children’s home partially funded by The Voice of the Martyrs, was established specifically for children orphaned as a result of persecution against Christians.

“The Voice of the Martyrs has always been committed to providing for families of Christian martyrs,” said VOM President Jim D. “These precious children need our help, and it is the least we can do in honor of their parents, who boldly laid down their life for Christ.”

Burnt Church

Burnt Church


Please click on the link below to read more about The Stephen Center or to learn how you can help support the increased needs of children orphaned as a result of persecution in northern Nigeria.